Wednesday, April 25, 2007

"The Secret Hour" by Luanne Rice

" The Secret Hour" by Luanne Rice.
February, 2003, Bantam Dell
ISBN: 0553-8022-0

The Secret Hour” by Luanne Rice. This is a mystery, a thriller and a romance all rolled into one. What else could you possibly want? This is real and yet it is horrible too. You can all too well imagine yourself or somebody you know in this situation.

But, past the superficial facts of the story lie the bones and these bones are wonderful. It’s like Luanne can walk through this forest of story and take exactly what describes her characters, what makes them real and what makes them human and show you, the reader, a wonderful time.

John the attorney, his kids Maggie and Teddy, and Kate the lady looking for her sister Willa who has disappeared. These folks come together like bees looking for a home. The end is a real nail biter. I won’t give it away.

This book didn’t even last 3 days for me. I read it every chance I could. It’s a real page turner. I enjoyed it and figure someone among you will enjoy it too. Visit Luanne's website at

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