“The King of Lies” by John Hart

“The King of Lies” by John Hart

Wow. I tore through this book at top speed. I just couldn’t (well, I didn’t want to) put it down.

This is a story of a lawyer and what happens when his whole world goes bottom up. The story tugs at your own heart because even though it is a work of fiction it is also a story anybody can relate to.

All of us are comfortable in our own lives. Our reality has been a certain way for a very long time. We’re used to it. We can walk in the door and not have to face up to old issues that we either don’t want to look at or have forgotten completely.  Granted, we grow throughout our lives, but hopefully, it is just one small step at a time and you don't experience more than a mild jolt.  It is the big steps we have to take that can be most uncomfortable to make.  This is a big step.

It’s an eye opener. It’s like what happened to me when I read, “A Course in Miracles”. Beyond being a riveting story it makes you ask yourself if you are really being true to your own heart or have you been compromising your own truth for years. This book reminds you of what it is like to ask yourself a hard question and take the next step in growing spiritually.

I’m going to seek out more of John Hart’s work. The reading of this particular book began as a nudge from my own Spirit Guides. On my way to work about a week ago they urged me to hang a right on Fruitvale and swing past the library to have a look at the orphan books that had piled up over the weekend in front of the library’s doors. I picked up this book and several others. Books from writers I’ve never read before. Some fresh books and thanks to Spirit for the tip.


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Smith Alan
This is such a nice book! Thanks for John Hart books info.
There is no other you should be more honest with than yourself.
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I'm currently reading "Unsticky" by Sarra Manning and I can tell you this with certainity: the book and the storyline is amazing. From the first page onwards I have been captivated so if you are in search of a new book,seeing as you like reading, I recommend this one.
Your book review was great though,I have yet to find it but I can't wait to read it!

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