“Seducing an Angel” by Mary Balogh

“Seducing an Angel” by Mary Balogh
2009, Delacorte Press
ISBN: 98-0-385-34105-9

“Seducing an Angel” by Mary Balogh is a Victorian romance set in England. Cassandra Belmont is known far and wide as having killed her husband with an axe. Polite society tends to give her the direct cut and it almost doesn’t bother her anymore. What does bother her, is that the people closest to her, her once upon a time governess Alice who stuck with her through thick and thin, her maid Mary and her little girl Belinda and Roger a maimed, but loyal and loving dog have no one else to support them. The only answer is to find a job. Except, no one would hire Cassandra.

She feels the only answer is to acquire a protector and become his mistress. It sounds cold blooded, but if you think about it sometimes circumstances almost seem to force people into doing things they would not normally do. She picks Stephen out as her mark and spends a great deal of effort seducing him. It sounds sordid and you wonder how anybody can bear to show their face in public. I’d have a hard time doing it, I have to say.

This story has a happier time of it to show that the underlying goodness, the underlying moral character of a person will surface and be that trait best known to represent people rather than a mask they feel forced to wear.

Also, it has some juicy sex. I digress. Anyway, good book. Part of a series I think, but it seems like when Mary writes she just uncovers so many interesting stories about the people in her books that they just don’t fit into one book.


Love Mary and 'Seducing an Angel' is part of a series. Your blog is lovely and I'll visit again real soon.
All the very best,

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