“Oolong Dead” by Laura Childs

“Oolong Dead” by Laura Childs
2009, Berkeley Prime Crime
ISBN: 978-0-425-22599-8

“Oolong Dead” by Laura Childs is number ten in the Tea Shop Mysteries. I found myself entertained by Theo, short for Theodosa, a middle-aged lady who owns a tea shop. She is inevitably drawn into murder investigations. Turns out she’s done this before, but always as an amateur sleuth.

The eye of suspicion looks her way as she is the first to discover the body of a woman who didn’t have nice things to say to Theo. It also didn’t help that the dead lady in question was also the sister of Theo’s ex-boyfriend. Unraveling the stories people made up and uncovering the motives behind what they did takes up the pages of this book. You will be on edge even to the last pages. I enjoy a book like that.

Because Theo’s first interest is the tea shop there is great attention given to different teas they serve at the Indigo Tea Shop and the goodies they serve with the tea. Best of all is a collection of recipes at the end of the book.

You can’t go wrong where ever you start with this series. It’s like a wonderful Southern welcome from Theo and her friends as you join them in a good old fashioned whodunit.


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