“Many a River” by Elmer Kelton

“Many a River” by Elmer Kelton
2008, A Forge Book
ISBN: 978-0-7753-2050-6

What happens when 2 young brothers find their family torn apart viciously during an Indian attack? After their mother and father were murdered Jeffrey, the older brother hides and Todd, the younger brother is kidnapped by the Indians.

In “Many a River” by Elmer Kelton, the story follows the lives of these two boys as they cope, as they adjust, as they cling to survival in the aftermath of the destruction of their family. Neither knows the other is alive.

Years pass and the Civil War explodes upon the country. One brother is with Union sympathizers and the other with people of the Confederacy. Follow this incredible story of life during the 1800’s in Texas and New Mexico.


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