“First Impressions” by Jude Deveraux

“First Impressions” by Jude Deveraux
2005, Atria Books
ISBN: 978-0-7434-3714-1

I started it yesterday and finished it today. “First Impressions” by Jude Deveraux is a fast paced romantic mystery. I also like that the heroine and the heroes are getting along there and are solidly middle-aged.

It’s a terrific triangle of the heroine Eden Palmer and two, count them two heroes, Jared the FBI agent and Braddon the local lawyer.

Eden is bequeathed a very old house in North Carolina by a woman she hasn’t seen in years. But, the house doesn’t come to her peacefully. There is someone out there killing people and Eden finds herself being watched by the FBI.

The action is fast and furious at times. And to watch those two heroes vying for Eden’s favor and love is rather interesting. Lovely to have two men fawning over you at the same time whatever age you are.

It’s funny. It’s heart warming. It’s a really good story.


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