“Straight Into Darkness” by Faye Kellerman

“Straight Into Darkness” by Faye Kellerman
2005, Time Warner Book Group
ISBN: 0-446-53040-9

Tell me a story and I’ll be interested. Tell me a story by Faye Kellerman and I’m riveted. “Straight Into Darkness” takes place in Munich, Germany just before Hitler came to power.

The story focuses upon Axel Berg who is a police detective and a number of murders he is trying to solve. What is interesting is to see how the German people are reacting to Hitler’s rise; how many agree with him and his hate and how many of them can’t abide him or his views. This gives you the advantage of seeing history unfold before your very eyes and all you want to do is to say to the people in the story, “Don’t take anything for granted. Treasure your loved ones. There is worse coming.” This story also provides a sharp elbow jab to your side about how complacency can be the best thing a despot could hope for.

Not only is this a really good who-done-it, “Straight Into Darkness”, is a very secret look into the soul of a people on the abyss of something very much worse than a serial killer.


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