“Innocent in Death” by J.D. Robb (Nora Roberts)

“Innocent in Death” by J.D. Robb (Nora Roberts)
2007, GP Putnam’s Sons
ISBN: 978-0-399-15401-0

I think this is the second novel I’ve read by Nora Roberts writing as J.D. Robb. Central to the story is Lieutenant Eve Dallas. She is a cop in the future. I think about 2060 or so.

In “Innocent in Death” Eve with her trusty second in command, Peabody, get a case where a teacher has been murdered in a trendy private school. As the clues are discovered it seems that the killer is in plain view. Except, then he is killed.

And, the questions move forward: Who is the real killer?

What is interesting to me are the other characters in the book. Lieutenant Dallas’ husband Rourke who appears to have a mysterious past. There’s an old flame of his who pops on the scene to create problems between husband and wife. There are other characters who come into the novel who obviously have had greater roles in other books. There’s a whole bunch of them with Lieutenant Dallas and I’m looking forward to reading them. I hope you might give one of the futuristic mystery novels by Nora Roberts writing as J.D. Robb a try.


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