“The Perfect Summer” by Luanne Rice

“The Perfect Summer” by Luanne Rice
2003, Bantam Books
ISBN: 0-7394-3708-9

“The Perfect Summer” by Luanne Rice is an engaging story with endearing characters. And, for those Action Jackson types there’s mystery and danger involved too.

This is a story about two families who have each undergone terrible tragedies, people who were linked in the far, far away past and who return to each other in the present. I know I’m dancing around the point here, but if you’re into romance, if you’re into mystery, if you’re into what goes on in the minds of kids read this book. I enjoyed it so much that I just couldn’t hardly stand to put it down.

Luanne Rice wrote a good one.


zorlone said…
This book sounds like a "pinoy telenobela." A good read for Filipinos.

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