Wednesday, April 1, 2009

“N is for Noose” by Sue Grafton

Yow. I just finished reading “N is for Noose” by Sue Grafton. Kinsey Millhone, our intrepid private investigator is doing a favor for a fellow private eye who is unable to take a case. Selma is hiring Kinsey to find out what was on her husband’s mind in the weeks before his death. He’d died of an apparent heart attack and Selma said that Tom was worried during those last weeks.

Tom was well liked in the little sleepy town of Nota Lake in the high country of the Sierras in California. He was a police detective. But, the strange thing is that every time Kinsey turned around people just did not want to talk to her.

There is a rhythm to the way many people write and I can be assured of a very nice, soothing rhythm when I read any of the Kinsey Millhone stories. But, when the action picks up it goes 98 miles an hour. I almost screamed when my husband asked me where the ding donged magnifying glass was when I was on the last page of the book.

I think you’ll enjoy yourself if you read this book, or, actually, any of the alphabet mysteries featuring Kinsey Millhone. By the way the picture I took is me holding the book in question and my smallest cat, Shelby, playing with the bookmarker.


Kay said...

Your cat is beautiful!

I am also reading through the alphabet series, I started with A and I'm up to C so far (yeah, I know that's not very impressive), and I am planning to read them all one day. Which is why I didn't actually read your review (I only skimmed through it) for fear of spoilers. And yet, seeing your very beautiful cat, I just had to leave a comment :) :)

Lady Skye Fyre said...

Hi Kay. I also wanted to start at the beginning and work my way through but I just couldn't find the books that way in the library. I've only read a few, but every one is terrific. Thanks for stopping by.