“Charmed and Enchanted” by Nora Roberts

“Charmed and Enchanted” by Nora Roberts
Charmed, 1992
Enchanted, 1999
Silhouette Books
ISBN: 0-373-28502-7

Nora Roberts always does a good job and I consistently enjoy her books. This will be a 2 for 1 book review because this is actually 2 books.

The first book, “Charmed” centers on Ana, Jessie and Boone. Ana is a witch, but not an evil one. She comes from a long bloodline of them and each and every one of them has their own special talent. Ana is a healer. But, she’s a recluse by choice and gentle by nature. She lives in a small house by the ocean in Monterey, California.

Enter into the story Boone, a writer of children’s fairy tales and his 6 year old daughter Jessie. His wife had passed on 4 years prior and they felt the need to make a move away to build a new life. They move next door to Ana. The exuberant Jessie quickly makes herself known to Ana and as such brings her father into the picture.

What happens next is where the magic happens.

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A+. That’s what I give Nora Roberts for her book, “Enchanted” This is the 2nd novel in, “Charmed and Enchanted” that I picked up at the library the other day. It’s a two fer sort of a deal. Rowan is a young woman in search of something. You’d think she has everything the world could offer. At least, that’s what her parents and her fiancé think. But, there’s something deep inside that just doesn't feel right to her. She’s always sort of gone with the flow and especially doesn’t like to disappoint people, but this ache in her heart will not be ignored.

Her cousin has a cabin in a secluded area on the Oregon coast. She decides to move there for a few weeks to try to sort out her mind. What she finds, though, is astonishing. A wolf, a wild ferocious thing comes to her and befriends her. Then, she discovers a mysterious man who lives nearby.

It’s love all right. But, it’s witches and faeries and magic. And, I guarantee that you really won’t be able to put it down until you’ve finished the story.


Kym said…
Do you have to read the other two books in the series first?
Lady Skye Fyre said…
Kym, this is a two-fer sort of book. It doesn't matter which you read first, they are both different books.

However, Nora writes lots of trilogies and I haven't always been able to read them in the correct order.

I think if you were to read them in order the whole experience would be enjoyable. However, reading the books out of order doesn't matter at all because they are all able to stand alone and be terrific stories all by themselves.

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