Saturday, January 10, 2009

“Tears of the Moon” by Nora Roberts

“Tears of the Moon” by Nora Roberts
2000, Jove Books
ISBN: 0-515-12854-6

It was a feverish pace I set as I read, “Tears of the Moon" by Nora Roberts. This is the second in a trilogy and if you’re interested you can read the review I wrote of the first book, “Jewels of the Sunhere.

Good book. This is a real good book. There are three siblings and each one, evidently, is finding love in each of the books. With the first one it was Aiden and Jude. In this one it is Shawn and Brenna.

Shawn is the dreamer. He hears music everywhere. But, he’s also a Gallagher and together the three of them, Aiden, Shawn and their sister Darcy are running the family’s pub. It’s in Ireland in a sleepy town and they’ve got the folk who live there and the sightseers who visit to come in a drink a pint or two, to listen to the music talented musicians in the area play and to eat the wonderful food Shawn prepares.

Brenna’s been in love with Shawn most of her life, except she doesn’t know it and just as simply, he’s been in love with her. He also is unaware of this fact.

What ties these books together is a legend 300 years old. Prince Carrick, head of the faeries, fell in love with a mortal woman, Gwen. He offered her diamonds from the sun, pearls from the moon and sapphires from the sea if she would stay with him always. She refused for she wanted to hear him say the words, “I love you.” He thought giving her precious gems would be enough. It was not.

Her father was afraid that if she was any more involved with Prince Carrick he would spirit her away to faerie land and he’d never see his daughter again. So, he made the arrangements and Gwen married a mortal man. She had children and grew old and it wasn’t until she was an old widowed woman that Prince Carrick saw she was free again and offered her his love. Too late. She refused him again, though she let it be known that she would have loved him. Too late. So, in a fit of anger Prince Carrick cast a spell and when Gwen passed on she was doomed to haunt the faerie cottage mourning her lost love. He, in turn, was unable to see her. Bad job. Really bad job of it.

Until the Gallagher’s came along. And, to break the spell there would need to be 3 marriages happen of people who could finally say the words of love to each other. Aiden and Jude where the first. Shawn and Brenna are the second. And, once I’m done with this review I’ll be tucking into the third book, “Heart of the Sea” where I figure something will be happening with Darcy.

You don’t have to read these in order. They are all stand alone books, but I think if you can get them to go in the right order the whole story is that much better.

That was the nuts and bolts of the story. You’ll need to read it to laugh at the unbearably funny situations these folks find themselves in, to cringe at the fights, to cry when hearts are breaking and to sit on the edge of your seat during the sex.


Dana said...

That sounds very interesting. Nora Roberts is one of the authors that I have never read. I think I will have to add her to my library list.

I really like your blog!


sounds a great read