“An Ocean Apart” by Robin Pilcher

“An Ocean Apart” by Robin Pilcher
1999, St. Martin’s Press
ISBN: 0-312-97184-2

I think “An Ocean Apart” by Robin Pilcher is definitely one of those books you would likely enjoy.

David’s wife Rachel has just died. He is distraught with grief. His 3 children are also trying to cope without their mother. Everybody is in turmoil. Luckily, his parents have given him and the children safe haven. The kids have gone back to their boarding school, but he has taken a time off from his job to try to work through his grief.

His work is with the family’s Scottish whiskey distillery. His father, though retired, has stepped up to the plate to take his son’s place in the company while he moves through his grief.

Unfortunately, there are corporate raiders hovering and nobody realizes until it is almost too late what they are up to. Part of the plan is to get David out of the way and what better way to do that then send him to the States far enough away from Scotland that he won’t be aware of their nefarious takeover plans.

It is while he is in the States that David slowly comes to terms with his grief for Rachel and begins to meet people who don’t know who he is or why he is there. He settles into a quiet life as a gardener and comes to care for the people he is now working for.

This book was so good I didn’t want to put it down until I’d finished it. I will be on the look out for more books by Robin Pilcher, who, by the way is Rosamunde Pilcher’s son. The writing talent definitely runs in the family.


Laura Essendine said…
I love everything Rosamunde has ever written so will certainly look out for Robin's work.

If you like her books may I also recommend two more authors, Judith Lennox and Maeve Binchy. Both equally as good as Rosamunde.

Happy reading

Laura Essendine
Author – The Accidental Guru
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Jess said…
Nice blog!

I've read the odd romance - may try this. Great blog too

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