Wednesday, January 14, 2009

“Heart of the Sea” by Nora Roberts

“Heart of the Sea” by Nora Roberts
2000, A Jove Book
ISBN: 0-515-12855-4

I don’t know what it is about Nora Roberts, but I couldn’t put “Heart of the Sea” down until I was finished. It’s the third in the trilogy of the Gallagher’s of Ardmore.

This is the 3rd sibling to find love, Darcy who is a vibrant and beautiful woman. She’s never found the perfect man though she is sexy and beautiful and many would woo her. She is aloof and will not give her heart until she meets a man who is her match, Trevor Magee. He’s come to Ardmore to build a theater. His ancestors are from Ireland and from Ardmore and he had a yearning to know more of them.

What complicates matters is a faerie prince and the woman he loves. Prince Carrick and the ghost of Lady Gwen. Their story is 300 years old and their legend has lived all that time. They’ve also gotten themselves into a bind because of his pride and her refusal to love him if he could not say the words of love to her. Prince Carrick got angry and cast a spell that Lady Gwen would not find peace until 3 times lovers had spoken the words of love to each other.

In the first two books, “Jewels of the Sun” and “Tears of the Moon” Darcy’s brothers found love. Now, it is time for her.

Terrific book. They don’t have to be read in order, but I read them so and enjoyed them tremendously.

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