Monday, December 22, 2008

“No Choice But Seduction” by Johanna Lindsey

“No Choice But Seduction” by Johanna Lindsey
2008, Pocket Books
ISBN: 978-1-4165-3732-8

If you’re a fan of Johanna Lindsey you really don’t need to read any further because I have only glowing remarks to make about, “No Choice But Seduction”. But, you already knew that. If you haven’t ever read an historical romance by Joanna Lindsey be my guest and plow into this one. You likely won’t be putting it down much until you’ve finished reading it.

What’s cool is Johanna writes about the Mallory family in a whole lot of other books, but this, like the others is a stand alone book and you can get right into it without feeling like you’re behind because you haven’t read the other books. So, I liked that right away. Actually, all her books are like that; you just can’t go wrong.

What happens here is the owner of a ship, Boyd Anderson, has finally made the decision to leave his life on the sea behind him and settle down. He’s not going to settle in America though, but where his sister has gone to live in England. She’s married into the Mallory clan as has one of his brothers. So, it just doesn’t seem that there’s all that much family in the United States anymore. He’s also come to another decision and that is he would like to get married. But, to who?

As an American he’s already considered by his British in-laws to be rash and head strong, though he pretty much thinks the same of them. He’s never lived anywhere long enough as an adult to develop a relationship with a woman, so settling down would be a first step.

The cargo his ship is carrying this last trip he makes from New England to London involves paying passengers and one of them, Katey Tyler catches his eye immediately. She is not prissy, she is kind and she is beautiful. When he makes his introduction to her she says she is married and is taking her two children back to their home in England. However, she lied. She prefers to think of it as creative thinking and the only reason she lied to Boyd was to ensure that her independence would not be threatened in any way. She’s recently inherited some money, her mother has passed on and she is alone in the world except for her long time friend and maid, Grace. The two of them are actually escorting two children to their home in England, but the fabrication serves her well.

Time passes and everybody goes about their business until Boyd’s niece is kidnapped. Her father (one of the Mallory’s) is not around and Boyd figures to step into the breech. He goes tearing off to save his niece at the same time Katey and Grace are sleeping in the next room over from the kidnappers and little Judith. It is Judith’s whimpering that wakes Katey and she moves to investigate.

Anyway, this goes on and on and things get really complicated and I don’t want to ruin the story for anybody. You really won’t be able to put it down. Figure it’s your weekend’s reading; you’ll be done by Sunday night.

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