Wednesday, December 17, 2008

“The Accidental Demon Slayer” by Angie Fox

“The Accidental Demon Slayer” by Angie Fox
2008, Dorchester Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-505-52769-1

“The Accidental Demon Slayer” by Angie Fox is a delightful read. This is a first book for Angie and I will certainly be looking forward to anything else she has to write.

Lizzie is a pre-school teacher. Her life is orderly and really very boring. Out of the blue she finds an odd, grizzled biker lady who says she is her grandmother. And, incidentally, she’s also a witch. She hasn’t come a minute too soon and Lizzie best get a move on to join her before all Hell breaks loose.

Oops. Too late. Demon in the bathroom. It just keeps rolling. I loved it. Turns out Lizzie is a very powerful demon slayer and without proper training is able to help and to save magical people who come to mean a lot to her and to destroy the bad guys.

Her dog, by the way, is a Jack Russell Terrier who is named Pirate. As Lizzie comes into her own demon slayer powers she is able to hear Pirate talking. Very neat stuff.

And, of course, there is a love interest. Dimitri…how’s that for a very Greek, very handsome Griffin who protects and falls in love with Lizzie. I really enjoyed this book.

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