Wednesday, November 19, 2008

“Dangerous” by Amanda Quick

“Dangerous” by Amanda Quick
1993, A Bantam Book
ISBN: 0-553-29317-6

I have read “Dangerous” by Amanda Quick many times. I can’t tell you exactly how many, but it’s been a lot over the years. Amanda Quick is Jayne Ann Krentz’ pen name for when she’s writing historical novels. All the copies I have are thumb worn from so much reading.

Amanda Quick always, always has quirky, courageous heroines and Prudence Merryweather is no exception. She’s very interested in investigating spectral phenomena and is available to investigate all sorts of problems people have with ghosts that come her way.

The ton, the upper crust of British society, is taken with this novel young lady and she becomes known as an Original. Lots of folk want to talk to her and one whose attentions are not welcomed by Prudence’s brother is from Sebastian, the Earl of Angelstone. He is known as a foreboding and forbidding man and when Prudence is asked to dance by Sebastian and is engaged in lively conversation with him her brother Trevor takes offense and challenges Sebastian to a duel.

Prudence knows that Trevor who is five years younger than herself is only trying to protect her. Their parents died 3 years before and it is the two of them against the world. Unfortunately, Trevor is sort of hot headed and Prudence figures that Sebastian, an experienced and mature man would injure or kill her brother if a duel should take place. So, she figures that the only way out is to get Sebastian to apologize and she takes it upon herself to convince him of this foolproof plan.

It’s falling in love at first sight.

Anyway, Sebastian has a secret hobby of solving mysteries and with Prudence’s interest in spectral phenomena they team up.

This is a really, really great love story. It’s historical for those who love them and it’s a mystery too.

And, the best part? Amanda Quick wrote it. I guarantee you’re going to love this book. I know I’ll be reading it again sometime.

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