Saturday, November 29, 2008

"Creating a Charmed Life" by Victoria Moran

"Creating a Charmed Life" by Victoria Moran
1999, Harper San Francisco
ISBN: 0-06-251580-2

I appreciate short. I also appreciate advice from someone who can actually help me to create noticeable and good changes in my life all without a whole lot of effort or expense on my part.

In “Creating a Charmed Life” by Victoria Moran in the second chapter I got help. This chapter is titled, “Follow Your Heart”. Victoria talks about how we can get wrapped up in the stuff we do and be held in thrall by our activities and schedules so that we don’t have room to take care of others in a graceful and loving way.

A few days after I had read that chapter a co-worker called me on a Saturday to ask for help with something I felt he should be able to handle himself. I was crabby but I did say I would go help him out. This really messed up my Saturday. I had so many things planned. I was in the middle of doing them and because of him I had to drop everything and leave. I had about a minute of being furious but then this curtain seemed to drop over all that drama and I was suddenly calm and full of love. It’s the only thing I can describe it as, just this very real expansiveness of heart. It was a calmness that settled over me as I went out to help him. A couple of hours later I was home and I picked up where I’d left off with all the important things I was doing.

But, what was also very interesting to me was that if I had reacted to this scene as I have in the past with similar things I would have been angry about it days later. That same burst of anger I felt in the beginning would have been kindled over and over again and it would have been a really long time before I let it all go.

And all of that happened from reading the second chapter, all of 2½ pages, in “Creating a Charmed Life”. All the chapters are that short. Victoria has written the book with women in mind, but I would think men would get a few good jolts from it too. The subtitle of the book is, “Sensible, Spiritual Secrets Every Busy Woman Should Know”. I agree. I like sensible and in my line of work (secretary during the day, psychic at night) these insights are especially welcome.

I’d recommend buying this book. These chapters are like movies. Read one. Let a few days go by and see how you can easily accomplish something of wonder in your own life.

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