Saturday, October 18, 2008

“Mary Modern” by Camille DeAngelis

Mary Modern” by Camille DeAngelis
2007, Shaye Areheart Books
ISBN: 978-0-307-35258-3

If you only read the first paragraph of this review, take away with you my recommendation that “Mary Modern” by Camille DeAngelis is a book to read. Somebody else on the Internet (I don’t remember who) wrote a glowing review and recommended the book. Consequently, I ordered it up from my library. Once I opened it up two days ago I couldn’t put it down.

It’s a novel, but it almost defies a simple classification and becomes more than that. It’s got love story, and science fiction, and horror all rolled in together. “Mary Modern” reminds me a little of my own first novel that was everything I wanted to read at the time and couldn’t find anywhere else…so, I wrote my own book. Should you be interested, “Secret of the Stones” is gathering dust under my bed. I am not near as good a writer as Camille DeAngelis so the fact that I’ve never been published doesn’t bother me. Not much anyway. But, love of writing is love of writing and love of reading isn’t far behind it and when I read something somebody has spent a lot of time on, has bled into and poured parts of themselves into it I appreciate it.

Lucy Morrigan is a scientist. A mad scientist. But, she is also very aware of her biological clock tick, tick, ticking away. Does she do something about it? Yes. She does. She goes and clones her grandmother Mary. Lucy thought she would be getting a baby. What she gets is her grandmother as a young woman. And, Mary is asking questions.

This is a story of love and attraction at so many different levels. When you say to somebody, “I’ll love you forever and ever.” did you ever think that such a thing could really come to pass?

Plunk yourself down. Be prepared to miss a few tv shows. Be late to work. Prop this book up and eat your lunch around it. You really won’t be able to put it down.

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