Sunday, September 7, 2008

“Shadow Music” by Julie Garwood

Shadow Music” by Julie Garwood
2007, Ballentine Books
ISBN: 98-0-345-50073-1

It took me one day, from afternoon on Saturday to afternoon on Sunday to read “Shadow Music” by Julie Garwood. I’m a glutton sometimes and this was one of those books I just did not want to put down.

You’ve got a princess and you’ve got a bunch of nasty, wicked barons. She’s good. They aren’t. She thinks she’s on her way to be married. It’s in the Highlands of Scotland. She is being escorted by her loyal guard, soldiers who have had the guarding of her since she was a little girl.

They are fierce men, but they love her and would die for her. As they near the end of their journey they happen upon wicked doings. A man is being murdered. Princess Gabrielle cannot stand still to see such wickedness and notches up an arrow and lets it fly. It kills the leader of the pack of men who are busy killing the man. They rescue the man.

Turns out this man is the brother of a clan chieften. He is Colm MacHugh. How the Princess Gabrielle and Colm MacHugh wind up together is the best part of this story.

Very much a sit on the edge of your seat page turner. And, did I mention it’s a really good love story? Yeah…..yum.

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technicaldotcom said...

I totally admire Julie Garwood's way of writing. For me, what makes her work stands out from the rest are her characters coupled with her plots. Would certainly check this book out. Glad to read the rest of your posts, great blog! ^_^