Saturday, September 13, 2008

“Magic Hour” by Kristin Hannah

Magic Hour” by Kristin Hannah
2006, Ballentine Books
ISBN: 0-345-46752-3

I was poking through the library and took a turn down an aisle with the intention of getting Spirit to help me pick out a book to read. It’s no big deal, actually, because I’m a channel and I do things like this all the time. Most times I’ll be in the library and it’s like I’m in the grocery store; I have a craving for chocolate and only a chocolate chip cookie is going to satisfy me and so I know exactly what I want. But, this time I wheeled around the corner of the stacks with the express intention of allowing Spirit to pick the next book out.

Magic Hour” by Kristin Hannah is what caught my eye and right at that point Spirit said to me, “You’ll like this one.” And, I did.

Dr. Julie Cates is a renowned child psychiatrist in Beverly Hills. Right now, though, she is trying to piece together her practice and her life after one of her patients takes a gun to school, kills a number of children and then takes her own life. The court finds her innocent, but the media finds her guilty.

But, she’s lost her confidence and is seriously floundering. Her sister, Ellie, is the city police chief in a tiny Washington state town and needs her to come home as quickly as possible.

A tiny girl has wandered into town from the woods. She can’t talk. She has climbed a tree and there’s just no way anybody can get her to come down.

Julie takes charge and with patience begins to break through Alice’s silence.

You know when you open a book you figure on there being a happy ending? It’s like it’s a rule. I wasn’t too sure about this one. I kept getting closer and closer to the end and read faster and faster knowing in my heart everything was going to turn out right. It was close.

Magic Hour” is a terrific book. You won’t be able to put it down.

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