Friday, July 4, 2008

“The Rocky Road to Romance” by Janet Evanovich.

The Rocky Road to Romance” by Janet Evanovich
2004, Harpertorch
ISBN: 0-06-059889-1

The Rocky Road to Romance” by Janet Evanovich. I’m a dyed in the wool Evanovich fan. And, when I saw this in my library I snatched it up. Janet wrote it back in 1991 before she’d written any of the Stephanie Plum stories. You can tell how her energy was flowing back in those days; on full speed and it hasn’t stopped yet. The quality of this story is right up there with everything else I have read by Janet Evanovich.

This is, of course, a love story. But, it’s also got lots of bumps along the way. This is where Janet is trying out the characteristics that would someday become part of the folks who people the Stephanie Plum books. You’ve got Daisy Adams, a lady intent upon getting her doctorate, who is so focused that she’s been unable to really enjoy life lately. She's juggling several different jobs in her life and from the bit spot on the radio as the Dog Lady she gets the opportunity to fill in for the traffic reporter who's out sick. Enter Steve Crow, mysterious and her boss who falls in love with her. You’ve got her family, his family, Elsie a grandmotherly security guard and the bad guys who keep trying to hurt Daisy.

It was light. It was fun. It was fast. It was just what I needed coming out of having a bad summer cold. I really enjoyed this book and I’m really glad that Janet Evanovich is such a prolific writer. I will read whatever she writes and will certainly, in all probability, enjoy each and every last word.


Jenaisle said...

Now i would like to read that book, It seems an easy but interesting read. I need some light read nowadays as I'm so stressed out.

Thanks for sharing.

speak in doodles said...

oOo la la. I love Stephanine Plum! Thanks for the recommendation.
super cartoons to smile at

webdesign brno said...

I have read some other stories by janet and i must say they all are pretty good.