Sunday, June 8, 2008

“The Third Circle” by Amanda Quick

The Third Circle” by Amanda Quick
2008, Penguin Books
ISBN: 978-0-399-15484-3

I got all tingly when I saw this in my library. Amanda Quick is one of my favorite authors and I have never once been disappointed by anything she’s written. “The Third Circle” was especially delightful. Ms. Quick has a tendency to show characteristics that show up in her characters from one genre to another. She writes under different names for the different time periods. When she’s writing about futuristic stuff she writes under the name of Jayne Castle. What happened in “The Third Circle” was that the paranormal stuff going on in the future is shown to be first happening in Victorian times.

I just love it. Especially as I’m a psychic and can relate to this stuff presented as far out author’s license and imagination or not. It happens. And, I’m thrilled to know of these things on another level too. Amanda Quick just takes it all that extra step beyond to where the normal reader is going to say, “Oh, man, this is just so far out, but I’ll buy into it for this story.” I love these characters anyway. I love how they relate to each other. I love the suspense of the stories. Another Amanda Quick book? Yeah, I want to read it now!”

The requisite romance, meeting of unmatchable hero with unmatchable heroine and the sparks fly. If you’ve never read Amanda Quick check out your local library. They’re sure to have one by her. And, if you’re really lucky you’ll get to check out, “The Third Circle”. And, Jayne Ann Krentz is such a prolific writer whatever book you pick out of hers to read I can absolutely guarantee, if you are a fan of the romance and suspenseful story, you will love it.

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BaLQiz said...

nicely put! i was a bit skeptical over it when i first saw the book but since you said it's really good, then i won't wait no longer to get it. Thanks!