Monday, June 2, 2008

“Ten Big Ones” by Janet Evanovich

Ten Big Ones” by Janet Evanovich
2004, St. Martin’s Paperbacks
ISBN: 0-312-93622-2

You know how sometimes you feel like eating something in particular and only the one thing is going to satisfy you? I had a craving and only “Ten Big Ones” by Janet Evanovich fit the bill. I spent the weekend snorting and making funny noises in the back of the house. I had to do my reading away from my husband because I really annoy him when I read any of Janet Evanovich’s novels. This one was no different.

Stephanie Plum is off on another adventure. She’s a bounty hunter in New Jersey and works with a colorful group of characters. These folks are always in her books and I’ve grown to expect them to be there. Ranger is another bounty hunter; a very mysterious guy who watches and protects Stephanie because she’s like the Lucy Ricardo of bounty hunters. Joe Morelli, a cop, is her boyfriend.

Every time you turn around something bad is happening to her. She’s like a trouble magnet. In the book there is the main conflict that lasts throughout. This one was Stephanie is able to recognize the Red Devil Bandit. And, subsequently a contract is taken out on her. In between trying to catch this particular bad guy she goes around apprehending the FTA’s (Failure to Appear) folks who’ve violated their bonds. I loved the one about the lady who held up a Frito Lay truck and took all the bags of Fritos because she was having a fit.

But, what I really admire about Stephanie is her resilience. She can bounce back quickly from anything. She doesn’t hold a grudge except for the bimbo Joyce Barnhardt who boinked Stephanie’s husband early on in their short-lived marriage. Lula, an ex ho who is now employed to do filing in the bail bonds office Stephanie works out of frequently hot foots it out the door to help Stephanie on her bounty adventures. Lula always has some sort of weapon in her purse and isn’t afraid to use it.

Connie runs the bail bonds office and is connected to the mob so she is able to offer advice connected to those sorts of situations. Vinne is a slime ball. He is Stephanie’s cousin who owns the bail bond office.

Joe Morrelli is Stephanie’s main man. She’s been in love with him since they were kids, though their relationship is many times an on again off again one. In this book it is mostly on. But, Ranger’s interest intervenes and Stephanie is caught like a deer in the headlights because she is attracted to him in a major way too. Great romantic conflict.

You’ve also got Stephanie’s immediate family; her mother who despairs of the job her daughter has and all the trouble that seems to follow her around and would much rather she get a job at the button factory. Her father who doesn’t want to hear about it. Her Grandma Mazer who lives with Stephanie’s mother and father and who loves to go on bounty hunts with her granddaughter and who counts funeral parlor viewings as a part of her active social life. Valerie is Stephanie’s sister who in this book is living in Stephanie’s apartment while she waits to get married. Stephanie is living with Joe and that only lasts so long.

Anyway, I don’t want to get into everything that is happening in the book. There need to be some surprises for you. Those were just the folks in the book. I am serious if you’ve never read a Stephanie Plum book pick this one or any of them up. They are all 100% quality writing that will have you making very strange noises as you laugh and snort your way through the book.

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Thanks for the heads up. I will add Evanovich's name to my vast to-read list.