Sunday, June 15, 2008

“Daddy’s Little Girl” by Mary Higgins Clark

Daddy's Little Girl” by Mary Higgins Clark
2002, Pocket Books
ISBN: 0-7434-6052-9

Daddy's Little Girl” by Mary Higgins Clark was a terrific book. This is a murder mystery and the first time I’ve ever read Mary Higgins Clark. I’m hooked. And, the best part is she's written tons of books.

Daddy's Little Girl” is about the sister of a murder victim who cannot let go. Ellie was 7 years old when her older sister Andrea was murdered. Now, she’s 30 years old. Every time the Rob Westerfield came up for parole she was there to see that he didn’t get out. But, now he’s served his time and is ready to assume his place as the golden haired boy in his wealthy and influential family.

Ellie had become an investigative reporter and taking her skills as a writer and as an investigator she tries to ensure that Rob Westerfield’s life on the outside doesn’t become one of wealth and luxury. His family is out to see that his record is expunged of the crime he was convicted of.

Suddenly she is being followed and threatened. People around her are in danger. She’s fighting the monster Rob is and the town she grew up in as the memories of the crime come back for everyone to face again. There are even those who don’t believe her. It’s a mess and as it turns out gets a whole lot messier. But, she can’t give up and this is one whirl wind story.

Naturally, it’s got a happy ending, but getting there is going to have you turning pages in this book and ignoring as much of the outside world as you can before you get to the end.

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