Sunday, December 30, 2007

“Silver Master” by Jayne Castle

Silver Master” by Jayne Castle
2007, Jove Books
ISBN: 978-0-515-14355-3

Silver Master” by Jayne Castle who is also Jayne Ann Krentz is set in the future. Jayne writes in the past under the name of Amanda Quick, in the present as Jayne Ann Krentz and in the future as Jayne Castle. In each of the periods she writes she is bubbly, exciting, insightful and humorous.

Silver Master” is set in Harmony, a place on another planet many years into the future. It is one of many stories set there and you need not read the others to find your alliances quickly as you move into this story.

The heroine is Celinda and the hero is Davis. Both have already been through tough times and would approach any relationship with a jaded attitude. But, it is love at first sight or at psychic sense in this story.

The people of Harmony arrived through the Curtain, a tear in space, from Earth 200 years ago. They settled on Harmony and made trips back and forth to Mother Earth as they embarked upon making another home for themselves on Harmony. Except the Curtain closed and they were trapped. They had to survive and all the technology they’d brought with them began to fail. It was discovered that people developed psychic powers and it was with these powers and the materials on the planet they were able to survive.

Two hundred years later everybody has some sort of psychic power. They are all tested and classified as to what level their abilities are. Except there are some among the population who are off the charts and it is these individuals who figure into Jayne’s stories.

Celinda, a match maker who is able to read people’s psi patterns and match them with suitable mates becomes embroiled in a mystery when she purchases what looks like a red plastic toy for her pet dust bunny from an antique store. It only cost $5. Who would think it was important? But, it turns out it is a relic left over from the alien civilization that had been in residence on Harmony long before the settlers from Earth had ever showed up. That civilization of alien beings had long died out but scattered over Harmony were their relics and many of them operated on a technology nobody understood.

The chase is on. The red plastic toy turns out to be an important alien relic that had been stolen from one of the important Guild bosses. Davis, a private detective, is called in to recover it and the trail leads right to Celinda. Davis comes from a long line of ghost hunters, the people who had practically saved the settlers of Harmony when bad guys had tried to take over by summoning up alien energies and turning them into harmful green ghosts. But, he’s not like a normal ghost hunter.

"Silver Master" is fantastic. It’s funny. It’s enthralling. You really won’t be able to stop reading once you start. And, I can guarantee that you’re going to like this book. My psychic sense tells me so.

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