Saturday, November 17, 2007

“The Main Corpse” by Diane Mott Davidson

The Main Corpse” by Diane Mott Davidson
1996, Bantam Books
ISBN: 0-553-09999-X

The Main Corpse” by Diane Mott Davidson is a culinary masterpiece. This is a about Goldy, a caterer in Colorado, who everywhere she goes gets involved with solving crimes. Her husband Tom Shultz is a detective on the police force. Her son Arch, his bloodhound Jake and other folks all stand beside her as she swirls into a maelstrom of evil.

Well, it isn’t that dramatic, but it is a good story. Goldy’s best friend, Marla, is involved with a guy who is promoting a gold mine, except, he turns out to be something less than the ideal boyfriend. There is murder. Actually, there are several murders.

In between catering gigs Goldy is swept into helping her friends. What’s fun is that the things she prepares as she moves through the story are included in the book as recipes. So, in addition to a rousing mystery you get 12 recipes:

· Bacon-Wrapped Artichokes with Dijon Cream Sauce
· Banana-Pecan Muffins
· Chocoholic Cookies
· Cinnamon Griddle Scones
· Jake’s Dog Biscuits
· Plantation Pilaf
· Provencal Pizza
· Rainy Season Chicken Soup
· Sour Cream Cherry Coffee Cake
· Stir-Fry Chicken with Asparagus
· Sugar-Snap Pea and Strawberry Salad
· Tomato-Brie Pie

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