Sunday, October 28, 2007

"Hidden Riches" by Nora Roberts

"Hidden Riches" by Nora Roberts
1995, Jove Books
ISBN: 0-515-11606-8

"Hidden Riches" by Nora Roberts is a combination mystery and romance. The heroine, Isadora is from a family steeped in theater. In fact, she was a credible actress herself until she left the stage to pursue her dream of owning her own store. She sells collectables. They are expensive and they are kitsch too. But, somehow she finds something for everyone except a lasting relationship for herself.

Into her life comes a grumpy man, Jed, a former policeman. Former because he'd been traumatized when his sister had been blown to smithereens by a bad guy. He's still a cop at heart, but he can't trust himself to do the right thing.

This story is Isadora and Jed coming to love each other and through the horror and mystery of a crime grow past their blocks to a place where they can love each other and where Jed returns to the job he does best of being a policeman.

This is a very nice story. Nora Roberts is a master storyteller. I did enjoy this.

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Magdalen Islands said...

This is the type of book I enjoy reading. Thanks for the heads up review. I'll be looking for it now.