Monday, June 18, 2007

"With This Ring" by Amanda Quick

"With This Ring" by Amanda Quick
1998, Bantam Books
ISNB: 0-553-5409-4

Once again I'm reviewing a book I've read a dozen times. I'm not kidding. This is a keeper and, "With This Ring" is one of my favorite Amanda Quick books. The heroine is a writer of horrid novels. The hero can't stand them. They come to love one another and accept the quirks that, at first, rubbed them the wrong way about each other. It's a theme that runs through many of Amanda's books. And, it's a theme that I love to read again and again.

A mystery, a women past her prime with all thoughts of love gone finds love again to a man in the same boat. It's not just the young ones who can have a great love story. Leo Drake, the Mad Monk of Monkcrest teams up with Beatrice Poole, writer of horrid novels to find the rings that will unlock the mystery of the stature of Aphrodite. And, like all of Amanda Quick's books the ending is just the sort that satisfies me.

I heartily recommend that you purchase this book. If you're like me you'll be reading it again and again. Enjoy.

P.S. Did I say I read this one often? Here it is now 3/16/09 and I've just finished it again. Just as terrific this time as it's been all the other times I've read it. I know you'll enjoy it.

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