Saturday, June 23, 2007

“Mystique” by Amanda Quick

Mystique” by Amanda Quick
1995, Bantam
ISBN: 0-553-57159-1

Medieval knight, Sir Hugh the Relentless is feared by all. All except Alice, a saucy green eyed, red haired woman, who would seek to bargain her way out of an intolerable situation for herself and her brother. Alice is a healer and is as effective at it in medieval times as any physician in our own. She combines known medical knowledge with keen powers of observation to help heal the pain Hugh has borne since he was a boy.

Amanda Quick has themes that run through many of her books. I never tire of them. She is like an artist who seeks to capture just that one beautiful moment when the light streams into a meadow. And, she paints it over and over again. So, too, with “Mystique” do the themes of powerful self-esteem not only for women, but for everyone come through, but so does confidence.

Of course there is mystery and intrigue in this story. There is a legend to live up to and the requisite happy ending that is a must for me. Most importantly, this is the story of love that happens, that blooms, that grows and that matures with time between a strong and unyielding knight and his resourceful and practical lady wife. And, as with all of Amanda Quick’s books there is a vein of humor that runs throughout. I guarantee that you will laugh and that you will cry reading this book. I know I have all the many times I’ve read it through the years. “Mystique” is truly a treasure of a book.

Amanda Quick is the pen name Jayne Ann Krentz uses when she writes her historical romances.

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