Wednesday, May 23, 2007

"Ravished" by Amanda Quick

"Ravished" by Amanda Quick
1992, Bantam Fanfare
ISBN: 0-553-29316-8

It wasn't enough that I read just one book by Amanda Quick. No, I hadn't had enough. It is generally that way. I am a fan.

"Ravished" will not disappoint you. Another quirky heroine who flaunts all the rules society would lay upon her and, who, more importantly is not in any way afraid of the hero. Harriet and Gideon's dance through this story will enthrall you.

There is generally a rhythm to stories; for me they are like waves in the ocean swelling up and down, but the climaxes within this story were better than usual. At several points I felt we were moving toward the BIG climax only to realize I was holding more than half of the book yet to be read. That, in itself, is like eating a really delicious, really big cream puff. The book just kept going on and on.

I read these books on my lunch hour too. I had to move quickly through the sex scenes and get them done before I left for work yesterday morning. I knew if I was going to sit at my desk with my baloney sandwich while Gideon swelled and Harriet thrilled I wasn't going to present more than an image of a sweaty secretary.

This is another terrific book by Amanda Quick. Do have a look at her blog too.

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